Commemorating Virginia’s Workers this Labor Day

Press Release / September 2, 2019

Contact: Rob Cline,


“Virginia is ranked both the worst state for workers and the best state for business in the country. These two rankings are not a coincidence. For decades, a focus on making Virginia “business-friendly” has been a smokescreen for pushing through ultra conservative reforms that take political and economic power away from working families and give it increasingly to corporate giants that want to squeeze their workers for all they are worth. On this Labor Day, I say enough is enough. It’s time to bring back strong unions and collective bargaining in Virginia.”

“Unions and labor organizations are historically responsible for securing work benefits that we now take for granted: overtime pay, the minimum wage, child labor laws, workers’ compensation, sick and vacation leave, and even the weekend itself. Union jobs are proven to be better-paying and include better benefits than similar non-union jobs. Union jobs also help invigorate the economy by increasing consumer spending power, boosting productivity, and helping entire neighborhoods stay afloat.”

“On the eve of this election, Virginia has the opportunity to turn our General Assembly into an institution that looks out for the needs of workers rather than the needs of the wealthy. We must fight to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour, reverse course on so-called “Right to Work,” crack down on wage theft, repeal the Comstock law that bans project labor agreements, and restore the fullest of collective bargaining powers to workers so they can negotiate better pay and benefits.”

“Folks like to point to corporate CEOs as “job-creators” and stewards of the economy. That is wrong. It is the working class that is the backbone of Virginia’s economy. There is no business without workers, and therefore there is no being business-friendly without being worker-friendly as well. By empowering labor we can lift thousands of Virginians out of poverty and bring economic prosperity for people and business alike.”